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Photo: EPX Series Connectors

Main features of the EPX®, Radiall's Modular designed connector series:

  • The EPX®, EPXA® and EPXB® connectors adopts a modular concept: shells, inserts, and contacts can all be procured separately; inserts are easily removable.
  • Several layouts of inserts, including bussed inserts and mixed signal, power and coaxial contacts.
  • ARINC 404 type contacts.
  • Single, dual gang or custom size shells.
  • EMI/RFI protection.
  • Large choice of accessories and backshells.
  • EPX® modularity gives the flexibility of combining standard inserts with custom shells.
  • Coupling mechanism is interchangeable between plug and receptacle.
  • Coupling mechanism includes polarization.
  • Internally bussed inserts reduces wire segments by replacing modular blocks

Original EPX® Series evolves into EPXA® and EPXB® series:

*Please contact Astonics, Inc. if you would like the new EPX® A & B catalog. The catalog can be emailed (354k), or faxes (18 pages)

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