Astonics Product Line

EPX® Series- EN3644 - ARINC 801 - BACI10AL, BACC65, BACC10

NSX Series- ARINC 600

DSX Series- ARINC 404, M81659

HDQX Series- 12 Cavity Quadrax Connectors

QM - Quick Multipin Series-

LuxCis® Fiber Optic Solutions-

D38999 -Series III Type-

LC, SC, and ST Series-

Expanded Beam-

RXF Series- Outdoor Fiber Optic connectors

R2CT®- Radiall 2 connectors to Transceiver- Outdoor interconnect Solution – FTTA Fiber to the Antenna

OSIS®- Radiall’s fastest outdoor connection system - FTTA Fiber to the Antenna

OPUS- Outdoor push-pull Universal Fiber optic solution.

ACTIVE OPTICS- D-Lightsys® Range includes S-Light, Single channel optical transceivers for Harsh Environments, and D-light Range includes Multi channel optical receivers for Harsh Environments

Fiber Optic Tool Kits- Includes tooling required for Terminations, Cleaning and Master Cords

RF COAXIAL CONNECTORS- Includes: IMP, UMP, MC-CARD, MMS/MMT/MMCX, MCX/MMBX, SMP/SMP COM, SMB/SMB lock, QMA, SMA/SMA 2.9, BNC, TNC/TNC 18, QN, N, 7/16, Reverse Polarity, PCB Terminal, and Adaptors.

MICROWAVE PRODUCTS- Includes High Power Terminations from 30 to 200 Watts, Low Power SMA & SMP terminations, Attenuators, Connectorized Couplers & Special Devices

MICROWAVE SWITCHES- DP3T & Terminated SPDT Platinum Series High Performance, DP3T & Terminated SPDT RAMSES Series, DPDT Platinum Series High Performance, DPDT RAMSES Series, DPDT Titanium Series, Low PIM switches, Space Qualified switches, SPDT up to 40 GHz Platinum Series High Performance, SPDT up to 50 GHz RAMSES series, SPnT Terminated Platinum Series High Performance, SPnT Terminated & Unterminated RAMSES Series, SPnT Terminated & Unterminated Titanium Series, SPnT Unterminated Subminiature Series, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) High Power Micro SPDT, Thermal Vacuum Switches (TVac)

SPACE QUALIFIED SWITCHES- DC-31 GHz. Space qualified switches operating in the Ka band. SPDT, DPDT, DP3T and T switch configurations available, equipped with SMA, SMA 2.9 and TNC connectors.

QF Series- Quick Fusio, coming Soon

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